The New CAP
"Changing lives one at a time - starting with yours."

Written By Mr. Girard of Hesed Insurance Solutions    May 2018
WHAT HAS HAPPENED:  Since the fall of 2014, Hesed Insurance Solutions has been offering various insurance and financial benefits to the members of CAP (the Christian Association of Primetimers - a faith-based, non-political, Christian alternative to AARP) based in Iola, Wisconsin.

Several significant changes have taken place with CAP over the past few years, including a change of ownership.

After much thought and prayer, the current owner decided to discontinue CAP.  As disappointed as I was to discover that, I was equally surprised when she offered to transfer ownership to me.

This was in April, and since that time I have become increasingly certain that my ideas, desires, and past experiences can help CAP to grow exponentially.  So this is my opportunity, by the grace of God, to make that happen.
THE COMPETITION:   AARP has over 38 Million members, generating $1.6B in revenue in 2016.  It is a massively successful non-profit that lobbies Washington on behalf of it's members.  

Because AARPs positions have leaned toward the left, numerous conservative alternatives to AARP have sprung up over time.  AMAC (Association of Mature American Citizens) is a for-profit organization with 1 to 1.5 Million members.   The lobbying organization TSC (The Seniors Coalition) in Washington D.C. claims to represent nearly 3 million seniors.   

Currently, there appears to be just one nationwide Christian alternative and that is CAP with under 800 paid memberships representing 1 to 1.5 Thousand members.  Obviously there is tremendous opportunity for growth not just because of it's small size, but because of it's niche market and the strength of the Christian faith. ​

PURPOSE:  Politics tend to divide, whereas our faith in Christ draws us together.   You've heard it said "Blood is thicker than water"?  Well, I believe the shed blood of Jesus Christ is more powerful than any political persuasion in the life of a true believer.  

The more we understand the Holy Scriptures, the more it shapes us into the men and women we need to be, affects how we live our lives, how we view the world, where we spend our money and our time, and can even affect how we vote.  Ultimately, everything in our lives should bring glory to God - the one who saved us!

And THAT will be our focus.   Everything as unto the Lord.

POTENTIAL CHANGES:   With new ownership comes new changes.  My ideas include:

MINISTRY - Will be the main focus and top priority
MEMBERSHIP - Must agree with a statement of faith
NAME - Keep CAP, change it to Christ Above Politics
LOGO - Two possible examples I designed are below
HEALTH - Help Christians become the healthiest people
SOCIAL - Introduce ways for members to interact & bond
BENEFITS - Many more!  Including local merchants
MUSIC - Will play a key role in marketing & benefits
THE ARTS - Painting, sculpture, literature, dance
PRICING - Economically friendly and rewarding for all
WEBSITE - New secure site facilitating all changes

Although nation-wide in scope, I'm inclined to place a heavy emphasis on the Dallas-Fort Worth area to start.  With 7.4 Million residents, approximately one thousand churches, nicknamed "The Buckle of the Bible Belt", it's an ideal central location for a new home.   If we can build up a substantial home base here, then we can better serve every metropolitan area and rural town across this incredible blessed land the Good Lord has given to us. 

By the way, a membership in one organization does not exclude anyone from membership in one of the others.  Someone can be a member of AARP, AMAC, TSC and CAP.
Old CAP logo
TEAMWORK:  Of course I can not do it alone.  This will require a team of like-minded believers who can catch the vision of a better Christian alternative to AARP, including those with expertise that I do not have, some volunteers who desire to help in their spare time, a new office location, plus an incredible amount of exposure.

There is absolutely zero budget to start.   A transfer of ownership will incure an immediate expense.   The software to properly run a membership base can be costly and time consuming from set up to the ongoing monthly fees and customer service. 

This could be quite the project!  Yet it could also be an incredible blessing to the body of Christ.   Please read on.  



Get involved!  Let your voice and your opinions be heard! Take our online survey.  It's possible that you could help us shape the New CAP.

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The New CAP will be designed to have a special place in the lives of it's members.
  Think Special Club.  Think Family. 
Think Holiness.
Mr. Réne "Ray-nee / Rainy" Girard 
(pray for this man)
Background bio info:   Was born Dec. 7, 1968.   Will be turning 50 this year - perfect timing to begin leading a 50+ organization, although he won't turn away someone younger who believes in putting Christ above politics.  

Has lived in Florida, Texas, and California.   Was struck with a fatal disease as an infant.   Doctors said he would not survive - it was more merciful to let him die because if he lived, he would be a vegetable. Yet the good Lord heard the cries of his parents and mercifully healed Réne's tiny body and brain, knowing the story would instill a conviction in him throughout his life that God is real, hears our prayers in the name of Jesus, and must have a reason to keep him alive.

With no evidence of brain damage, Réne excelled in school graduating as Valedictorian.  Was Pre-Med for 3 years yet unhappy with the program including the lack of emphasis on human health.  Through a job with TeleRx, was able to learn more about the pharmaceutical industry and spoke with multiple physicians who, if they could go back in time, would choose a different profession.
After much prayer, Réne switched Universities, completed a double major of both Health Promotion and Mathematics, plus Education classes on top of that to receive a Bachelor of Science in Education.   He tutored students young and old in basic math to Calculus, and taught Jr. High and High School:  Health, Algebra and Algebra II. 

Became very involved with the Christian concert scene throughout the 90's, first volunteering at Footloose in Euless where most CCM artists would play as they traveled through Dallas.  Helped with everything from scrubbing toilets to serving in the snack bar, from security to praying with those who responded to altar calls, from ticket sales to concert promoter at over 200 events for almost a decade at various venues around the metroplex.  Repeatedly witnessed the positive influence of this type of ministry on the lives of men, women, and children.

In 2004, Mr. Girard became a licensed insurance agent.  Has helped hundreds of individuals and families both face to face and over the phone throughout the United States, primarily to an older clientele.  Read more here.

During the Obama election cycles, Mr. Girard was very upset and concerned about the direction this country was headed, as well as the massive amount of national debt being incurred.   His wife Gina told him that he was not focusing enough on God.   To paraphrase her words of wisdom:  "We're not supposed to be consumed with politics, we're supposed to be sharing the gospel with people who need to be saved!"   The Lord used her concern for the lost to remind Réne to trust God more and to keep his priorities in order. 

​​Mr. Girard willingly admits that he is still a flawed work in progress - that God could choose someone better equipped to this task.   Yet he also knows that God looks at the heart.  He sees exactly where you are while strategically arranging where he wants you to be.  Only by His grace can we arrive there successfully.   To be pleasing to Him, obeying His commands, believing His promises, allowing Him to lead, is the formula for success. 

God has allowed physical and financial difficulties in Réne Girard's life to teach him valuable lessons.   He has allowed pain, heartache, and conflict to show Réne his weakness, his sinfulness, and constant need of a Savior who loves and forgives him.   And through it all, God has shown him the importance of worshipping Him, trusting Him, excercising patience, self-control, plus other fruits of the Spirit.
Therefore, this new opportunity to take CAP to the next level is an incredible fit for someone with Réne's unique combination of life experiences, his desire to serve and to minister to the body of Christ, to change lives, to educate, to emphasize the importance of a healthy mind, body and spirit.  To help people save money and protect their finances.  To promote important products and services.  To work as a team.  To lead and direct.  To submit and to pray.  To be a blessing - a major blessing - in millions of people's lives.

Mr Girard hopes you will join the new CAP if you are inspired or feel called to do so.  As a member, as a partner, or as executive leadership ... all are needed within this endeavor.   

What can you do?