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We offer both traditional and innovative new ways to save money and make it grow, thus providing additional funds for yourself or someone else who would appreciate your generosity & support.


Would you like to reduce or eliminate maintenance fees? 

Would you like to receive positive gains every year with no market losses?

Would you like to transfer, consolidate, or rollover an account?
Desire safety yet you're tired of low interest rates on your savings? 

With a little effort, an individual can receive guaranteed respectible returns. (Imagine spending 8 hours working with us to gain an extra $10,000 in interest, how much did you earn per hour?)
Discount Payouts™
One-of-a-kind fleeting opportunities to purchase someone else's cash payout.
It could be from a lawsuit, lottery winnings, pension plans or personal annuities.  
Payouts could begin immediately or could start several years or even decades into the future.   Payouts could be in one lump sum or in monthly or annual installments.    Payments may never change or they could increase on a particular date.
Example #1:  $162,000 now will return $284,000 in one lump sum April 27, 2026
Example #2:    $45,000 now will return $130,880 via $1558/month x 84 months Aug 2034 to July 2041
Example #3:  $515,000 now will return $1,300,000 via 450 monthly payments from March 2016 to July 2053 
Note:  Examples are slight modifications of real life cases and may not reflect current availability.
Secondary Market Annuities  thinking man machine
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Accredited Investors - Earn Higher Guaranteed Interest Rates 

Call 1-888-4RGIRARD for Details

As always, consult with your CPA or trusted tax advisor regarding possible implications.  Paperwork is provided in closing books so purchaser will know exactly what portion of income payments received are taxable as gains for IRS purposes.
In general, there are two types of annuities:  Fixed and Variable.    
Variable annuities:  We do not offer these to individuals, couples, or families.

Fixed Annuities:   Are used as long term strategies for low risk individuals who want to preserve their capital, lock in interest gained, defer taxes on those gains, and create either a larger lump sum of money or an additional predicitable income.
There are hundreds of options when it comes to annuities.  It's like buying a car or truck.  If you have heard something good or bad about annuities, it would be helpful to find out all the details.  Convertibles can be a lot of fun!  But if you live up North, and want to haul a cord of wood, then you'd be better off with a pickup truck with heated seats.   Don't blame the convertible for limited hauling ability, and don't be upset that you can't put the top down on your truck. 
Acquiring the right savings vehicle can make all the difference in the world!   Talk to us about your current and future needs.  The goal is to find the right fit for you.
Video:  Tony Robbins discusses annuities and the benefits they bring to the wealthy
Term and Permanent Life Insurance man
In general, there are two types of life insurance:  Term and Permanent.    
Term Life:  We offer term, and recommend it, but it does not build cash value.

Permanent Life:   Can build cash value and can therefore be used as a savings vehicle.
Why would anyone use life insurance to save/accumulate money?   Good question.   The answer?   #1. Tax Benefits   #2. Additional Tax Benefits   #3. Liquidity   #4.  Safety    #5.  Interest Rates    #6. Future Income   #7. The Death Benefit    #8. Living Benefits
When properly structured and designed for cash accumulation, an IUL can do what other savings and investment strategies can never do.  Maybe that's why it's becoming a favorite savings strategy of the upper middle class.

YOU MAY ALSO BE ABLE TO SELL YOUR LIFE INSURANCE POLICY FOR CASH:   If you have a chronic condition that shortens your life span, then you may qualify.  Don't let it lapse!   Give us a call.   Even term life policies can qualify.
Protect IRA, 401(k), and 403(b) money
IRAs, 401(k)s, 403(b)s, etc.
  • Is your money subject to the ups and downs of the stock market? 
  • How much of your savings will the Government take from you?  
  • What are you doing to reduce taxable gains? 
  • Are you sure you're using the best strategy or just going with the flow and hoping for the best?

It's good to take risks - calculated risks.
And it's good to have a plan, as well as security you can count on.
We can assist in carefully repositioning your funds to your advantage.   Bonus money is sometimes credited to your account for doing so.

Perhaps it's time to start a brand new savings plan for your future.  Or begin working with our Money Manager Partner to create a proper portfolio* for your particular risk tolerance - including an exit strategy.     We're here to help in so many ways ... just ask!

*Investment Assets Under Management are:  Not FDIC insured - Not a Deposit - Not guaranteed by any Bank - May lose value. 
The answers vary from person to person, yet ultimately it boils down to one thing:  Provision.  With Hesed Insurance Solutions, let's be thankful and strategic in order to provide even more for ourselves, our families, plus any organizations we support financially.   You can become a more generous giver, while increasing the funds set aside for your own personal use.