Investment Solutions

For some, saving money is the first step ... investing is the second.
​We can help you with non-traditional investments that are sure to please

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Merchant Cash Advance
Life Settlements
Growing businesses may need additional cash flow for immediate needs without the trouble and delays of a bank loan.  Therein lies the opportunity to provide capital to qualified businesses creating short-term possible double digit rates of return.  Investor funds are allocated amongst hundreds of small businesses.   A low to moderate risk solution with a quick turn around.
Some elderly citizens sell their life insurance policies to turn an expense into a source of revenue.   The new owners keep the policies active in order to acquire the death benefit once the insured passes away.   Investors may buy into a number of these policies, thus securing a guaranteed 65% gain on their money in partial installments over the next 1 to 10 yrs.   Low risk solution.
Oil & Gas
First Position Mortgages
Accredited Investors can buy into the development and productuion of a number of oil and gas wells.   Today's technology allows extraction of these natural resources from areas in Texas that are rich in hydrocarbons, yet largely untapped.  Timing has been excellent to buy the equipment and land while prices are low.   Moderate to low risk with potential for healthy returns within 5-7 yrs.
How about Hassle-free real estate investing?   Investors get the "keys" to the building (figuratively not literally).   In one (1) year investors receive all monies back with 5% interest.   Simple.  Walk-away or repeat for another year - as many times as you like.  No tenants, no repairs, no management company, etc..    Low risk. 
OR  Choose Five (5) year plans with added interest.