In-Home Service Plans

An Evolution in Senior Home Care
According to Health and Human Services, 70% of Americans will need some type of home care in their lifetime.  That's nearly three out of four of us!

Unfortunately, traditional healthcare programs provide little or no in-home assistance.
Medicare only covers a limited amount of in-home services that are deemed "medically necessary."  Major medical insurance may provide no in-home service.  Therefore, everyday assistance outside of a medical facility is the responsibility of the patient and his/her family.
"The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak."
While your loved ones may have the best intentions, many are unable to take enough time off work, and may soon become overwhelmed by the amount of mental and physical energy involved in care giving.  Traditional short or long term care insurance is an option for such services; however, one must be healthy enough to pass through underwriting in order to purchase it.
True Freedom Plans are a viable alternative to traditional home health care insurance.
Our plans support you or your loved ones with important daily activities (such as bathing, housekeeping, doctor's appointments) while providing ongoing independence and privacy in the comfort of your own home or a relative's home.

Works as a supplement to Long Term Care Insurance (LTCi).
Does your LTCi policy have a long elimination period?  Use a True Freedom plan during that time period.  
Does your LTCi policy not provide in-home care?  Use a Tree Freedom plan!    
Does your LTCi policy only pay a small amount each day for in-home care?  Then use your LTCi for medical needs and your True Freedom Plan for non-medical needs.  Be strategic and cover all your bases!

NOTE:  Services are provided by a network of home care providers, while also giving you the option to choose a friend or neighbor to administer care.  (must meet certain requirements)
Our sevice plans can provide assistance up to 24 Hour a day / 7 days a week in the comfort of your own home.

Take a look at the price sheet below:
Dr. Marion Video
Senior Home Care Endorsement
The 180 Day restoration/rejuvenation period Dr. Marion mentions is now just 90 Days - same as the "Good Standing Period." 

Example:   You purchase the Gold Plan.   It must be in force for at least 90 days (the Good Standing Period) before you can actively use it for the 600 hours.  [a very limited amount of qualified assistance can be provided during this time]   After you have exhausted all 600 hours, then following a 90-day Rejuvenation Period (of non-use), the original 600 plan hours of your membership will be completely restored.  

NOTE:  All plans cover a period of twelve (12) months (each a “Term”). 
Unused hours from a preceding term are not lost, they roll over and must be utilized before your original plan hours restore following the 90-day Rejuvenation Period.  The Home Care Hours of any plan can restore for up to the “Maximum Lifetime Membership Hours” which is a total of 10 times the initial hours of your chosen plan. Plans must be kept current through all periods of membership.
(checking account or credit card)
Discounts for:
1.  Paying annually
2.  Couples who enroll at the same time
3.  Renewing but not yet using the plan

Another Alternative
THIS is something that could help so many families!

All too often children want to help their aging parent or grandparent but money is tight.

There is NO long term care insurance, so everyone is pitching in to help - yet it's not enough.

One possible solution?   Turn that person's current life insurance policy into monthly payments for professional care in a facility or in-home care.

This can provide much needed care during their last year(s) on earth.

REMEMBER THAT THIS EXISTS for your family or someone else's.
& We can help with no out of pocket cost to the family.

Use a current Life Insurance policy to create senior care benefits

Term Life policies accepted!

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Short Term Care Insurance

There are times when a person needs physical help or financial assistance immediately.   A 90 day waiting period, or rejuvination period, may be "too long" for some people.

Or perhaps a short term care plan is all someone can afford.

Whatever the case may be, Hesed Insurance Solutions is here to help.   Use the Contact Form below to request more information.