Discount Payouts™

A Guaranteed Source of Future Income

Sources May Include:
  • Pension Plans
  • Court Settlements
  • Fixed Annuities
  • Prize Winnings

A Profitable Income Savings Strategy
  • One-of-a-kind fleeting opportunities to purchase someone else's cash payout
  • Income Guaranteed & Insured
  • Tax-Advantaged Gains
  • Income and/or Inheritance Solution

How does this work?  Why do these exist?

Someone may have mounting debt, or knows he won't live long enough to receive all of his future income.  So this person is willing to negotiate an offer with a company that is able to supply the funds he needs today.
The company contracts with agents & agencies to sell these future payouts to their clients.  The middle men make a commission.  The buyer receives both safety of principle plus guaranteed gains over a set period of time - all at a discounted price!  It's a Win-Win for everyone.
Payouts could begin immediately or start in several years or decades
Payouts could be in one lump sum or monthly or annual installments
Payouts may stay the same or increase on pre-determined dates
Here are several examples formerly available from Top "A" Rated Companies.    Contact us for current offerings.   Best viewed on a desk or laptop computer.