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  1. Carmen Torres
    "Thank you so much! I am so glad I found you! When I called (the insurance company) and they gave me two names I wasn't sure who I should go with ... I made the right decision! ... It was a wise decision."
  2. Audrey Wilson
    "I want to thank you again for helping me as you did. I know you truly went way above and beyond what any agent would normally do. You are more than one in a million. You are one in 10 million. Thank you again. God's blessings to you. You truly blessed me and I sincerely thank you for that."
  3. Pete Muffoletto
    "Réne comes across with the right personality - good knowledge - helpful." "I always appreciate working with someone who knows what they are doing."
  4. Nina Reed
    "Thank you ... you saved my life!" (Ms. Reed left a message for Mr. Girard. He listened, called her back, when she did not answer he called emergency services in her area. Police and paramedics found Ms. Reed and took her to the hospital.)
  5. Judy & Harry
    "Thank you so much for your help. I can't express how much we appreciate your expertise. We get so many slick mailings - it's very confusing."
  6. Lupe & Jose Prado
    "We are very satisfied with our life insurance that we purchased through "Hesed Insurance Solutions." Our plan has living benefits, its like having four polices in one - we didn't even know these existed! We are so happy with the low cost, we are telling all of our friends & family."
We are happy to be moving to the great Lone Star State!   

Hesed Insurance Solutions will now serve the rest of the country from a more central location in the Central Time Zone.  
Mr. Girard will also be able to more directly serve one of the largest and fastest growing metropolitan areas in the nation. 

Remember, with today's technology most applications can be taken over the phone, signatures may be verbal or electronic, and paperwork provided via email attachment as well as regular mail.
HESED Insurance Solutions has a renewed focus and passion to serve the entire body of Christ from coast to coast.
We're forging a path few is this industry will take.

For those who entrust us with your business - Thank You!
Our goal is to help you make the most of your money.