To protect and serve the Body of Christ nationwide, from coast to coast.
To help God's people prosper financially.  

To protect them from unnecessary loss.
To provide more options for saving and investing.
To promote physical, spiritual, and financial health.

We use various forms of life insurance and health insurance for all ages and income levels (although we do not do home or auto).   We also offer clever alternatives to traditional insurance, as well as retirement plans, college funding, inheritance strategies and secondary income opportunities. 

So if you're looking for an independent Christian insurance agent or financial advisor, someone who cares about saving you money, helping reduce your tax burdens, who prays for guidance every single day and is often reminded to do everything as unto the Lord ... then you found the right place.

We hope you'll be a part of what God is doing with us and through us, to bless and prosper His people who are called by His name.

The average person lives for the moment

The wise person is ever mindful of repercussions
and lives accordingly


44.6% of all deaths in the United States
​are due to Heart Disease and Cancer *

Both responsible for billions of dollars in healthcare costs as well as lost income

* "Health, United States, 2016: At a Glance "; U.S. Dept of Health and Human Services, CDC, NCHS

We're here to protect your life, health, and finances

 How can we do that?

By using insurance products and clever alternatives, as well as investments, to leverage your income & your savings

By providing important, timely health information 

​Using strategic resources made available through financial institutions and industry professionals

With the goal of improving your personal health, wealth & family inheritance

We'll help you make educated, sometimes life-changing, decisions

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We treat our clients
like friends and family 

We listen
and use the right tools

to get the job done

We're not happy until you're happy

We help you save money two ways.

1)  Offering a variety of companies, plans, and prices
2)  Saving for the future 
Creating additional income 
& Earning healthy gains
You have a Need
We have Solutions

Let's Discuss your situation

Then we'll figure out what works best for you
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How can we help you?   Let us count the ways
With Dozens of Companies   +  Hundreds of Products & Services

and Licensed Independent Agents to counsel and guide you